Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Middle East and North Africa

Area: 10,452 sq km (4,036 sq miles)
Population: 4million
Capital City: Beirut (population: 2.1m, estimate 2007)
People: 4 million. The population is predominantly Arab with a sizeable Armenian minority ( figure does not include an estimated 320,000 Palestinian refugees). The Lebanese diaspora is thought to total 14 million
Languages: Arabic (official), English, French, Armenian
Religion(s): There are 18 registered sects in Lebanon including, Maronite Christian, Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim and Druze
Currency: Lebanese Pound/ US dollar is used interchangeably
Major political parties: Numerous political groupings exist in Lebanon, organised along mostly sectarian lines
Government: Republic
Head of State: President General Michel Sleiman
Prime Minister: Sa'ad el- Hariri
Foreign Minister: dr. Ali Chami